Commercial trailers Start We are also producer of catering, trading and exhibitions trailers.
Hot dog cart american hot dog cart Unsere Fahrzeuge sind voll ausgestattet und bereit, Hot Dogs und Getränke zu verkaufen.
Boiled corn Start As one producer in Poland we offer carts to sell boiled corn and hot-dogs.
hotdog carts hotdog carts hotdog carts hotdog carts hotdog carts
  • Size:
  • 2100 x 1200 x 1070mm(L x W x H)
  • Reinforcement:
  • gas( propan buthan)
  • Warranty:
  • 1 year
  • Bainmarie gas on 3 vessels GN 1/3
  • Thermal frig
  • Vessels on etceteras(onion etc.)
  • Automatic cash-box
  • Baldachin/ umbrella
  • Sanitary station
  • Bike is easy to wheel
  • Safe
  • User friendly
  • Perfect on promenade, city, discotheque
Catering bike

Bike is perfect adapt to mobile sale. Because of installed wheels bike can translocate quick and enable sale in many places in very short time. Bike is comfortable and reversible what make work easy. Besides is simply in wheel, serve and it’s safe. Bike is designed to sell hot-dogs on promenade, in city, in park, below schools and even below discotheques. On bike we can install also others equipments: crepes machine, gyros, grill, boiler to tea and express to coffee.


Bike executed with high quality stuffs: box made with acidproof, steinless steel. Baldachin and umbrella made with high quality waterproof textilies coating polyester. Resistant on water conditions. Possibility to choose option: baldachin or umbrella.


Bainmarie enable warm up sausages, rolls and corn in three apart areas. Products are hold in stable temperature because of steam warm up vessels.

Vessels GN 1/6

Vessels for etceteras to hot-dog( cucumber, onion, salad).

Therm frig

Therm frig on insets. To store rolls, corn, drinks. Therm frig hold fresh of products and enlarge reserve of sell food.


Because of care of sanitary condition we install on bike sink made with stainless steel with connection water from vessel. Sink is hide inside box, so he don’t prevent in sell and translocate. Sink size: 265x325x100mm(length x width x depth). Inside box is also place for gas bottle.


Automatic cash-box has three partitions on bank-notes and three partitions on change. Cash-box assure keep money in safe place during sell. Cash- box size: 268 x 343 x 110mm(length x width x depth), colour: gray.